Yezhuyun (1983-), male, associate professor, Ph.D.,
mainly engaged in robust control and nonlinear system research

2013-- Huaqiao University, Department of Automation
2012--2013 China Ship Research and Design Center
2006--2012 Department of Control Science and Engineering,
Central South University, Ph.D.
2007--2009 National University of Singapore, joint training PhD
2002--2006 Bachelor degree in engineering, Central South University

Motor control and
wheeled mobile robot

The motor is the most important actuator in the industrial system. We use DC motor (brush, brushless, permanent magnet synchronous, hub, etc.) as the object to develop motor drive (inverter circuit) design, DSP/STM32 program development and advanced control. Algorithm implementation, sensor measurement technology, C++/MATLAB host computer program design and Matlab/Simulink interface technology research.

Visual autonomous navigation

Vision is the most important external sensing method of robots. With the development of artificial intelligence technology and hardware cost reduction, vision will be the standard of robots. For the visual part of the wheeled robot, we will combine the deep learning to study monocular vision technology, binocular vision technology, map construction technology, positioning and navigation technology. Further, we apply visual technology to wheeled robots to achieve indoor autonomous navigation. It is expected to form a set of visual navigation solutions for indoor robots.

Financial modeling
and forecasting

Human society is developing and changing, and it is a complex system that is difficult to describe with conventional models. "Feedback" is the living soul of automatic control. Under the feedback mechanism, developing a model adaptive adjustment strategy and prediction mechanism for a large amount of historical data can help us avoid complex statistical analysis and more flexible understanding and understanding of the laws of human society. Finance is a typical complex system that arises in the social activities of human beings. Fortunately, we have easy access to historical data on the operation of the financial system, and the “feedback” design is what we are good at. It is a pleasure to apply the theory of “feedback control” to explore the laws and mysteries of the objective world!

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